CHENEY, NAN Gertrude Lawson

Born in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Nan Cheney spent part of her childhood in Havana, Cuba, then studied art at Tulane University in Louisiana. She completed the "Art as Applied to Medicine" program at Johns Hopkins University (1921-23) where she worked under medical artist Max Brodel. She was a well-known BC portrait painter as well as a medical artist for the University of British Columbia, and McGill University. In 1924 she married Dr. Hill H. Cheney and in 1937 they moved to Vancouver. Cheney met and corresponded with many Canadian artists and she enjoyed a close friendship with Emily Carr in the period before Carr's work had gained general acceptance. Cheney collected material about Emily Carr until December 1979.

This collection of anatomical illustrations was made by Nan Cheney in the Department of Anatomy at UBC. She was the first medical artist in the Faculty of Medicine and held the position from 1951 to 1962.


Head & Neck

Thorax / Abdomen / Pelvis

Upper Arm / Elbow / Forearm

Wrist & Hand

Hip / Thigh / Knee

Leg & Foot